Board of Directors

Jacelyn Parry

(President & Secretary General)

Jacelyn Parry is a vocalist & songwriter, composer, music producer , sound designer , creative consultant and actress. She graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia.

Her compositions were featured in the Paris European Spiritual Film Festival, on Rai TV, Radio Vaticano and has written music for documentaries. Her latest album of jazz music ‘In Quiet Tones’ is currently published in the UK with songs placed in films such as ‘Something Good’ by Luca Barbareschi and ‘Fever’ by Rajeev Jhavari . Jacelyn has collaborated in 2004 on the Grammy winning album of Kanye West’s ‘ College Dropout ‘, she has written for the worlds first audiophile Italian magazine ‘Souno’ interviewing Marantz guru Ken Ishiwata, she has also acted in several films in Italy of which she has played the leading role in ‘ Vendetta Chinese ‘ of the Manetti Bros. She has performed live with several of Italy ‘s top jazz musicians such as Giovanni Tomasso for La Repubblica in Perugia, Umbria Jazz festival 2014; with Jazz pianist of the year , Mirko Signorile, Giuseppe Bassi and Roberto Ottaviano . In 2014, she received an award from the Morrocan Ministry of Culture in recognition of her participation in the Andalusiat festival held in Casablanca.

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